Saturday, January 30, 2016

Thermal Energy and Power

Thermal Energy and Power -

1. Thermal Energy:

Thermal energy is the energy produced or released by an object that has a certain temperature. Heat energy is also called heat energy (heat = heat)

The heat energy source is the sun. Heat can also be produced from rubbing two objects.

Benefits of thermal energy:

Warm the room (the sun)
Make seawater into freshwater (sun) -> sea water collected in a specially, the water vapor then insert it into the container.
Heat water (solar)

Drying clothes line (sun)

Drying fish, crackers, rice and coffee (sun)

Power generation (solar)

Smoothes clothes (electric iron)

Cooking (stove)

2. Electrical Energy
Electrical energy is the energy that arises because of the electric current flowing through penghatar. Electrical energy is very important in their daily lives har. The power source is a tool that can generate electrical energy

Examples of the power source is electrical,
Bicycle dynamo
Power Plant

Benefits of Electric Energy in everyday life.
Turn on the lights to illuminate the room / dark place.
Turning on electrical appliances such as TV, Radio, HP, Computer etc.
As fuel for electric-powered vehicles, electric cars, electric motors, electric trains etc.

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