Monday, December 14, 2015

Understanding Knowledge

Understanding Knowledge - Knowledge is the result of "know" and this occurred after people perform sensing to a particular object. Sensing occurs through human senses, namely: the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Most human knowledge is obtained through the eyes and ears (Soekidjo, Notoadmodjo 2003). (Definition of Knowledge According to Experts)
Definition Knowledge - Knowledge is everything is known, everything is known regarding the case (subject) (composer Tim Big Indonesian Dictionary, 2002).
Knowledge level
Benjamin Bloom (1956), an education expert, made the classification (taxonomy) questions that can be used to stimulate the thinking process in humans. According to Bloom in human thinking skills can be divided into 6 categories:
Knowledge (knowledge)
Skills include factors recall ever studied.
Understanding (comprehension)
Covering an understanding of existing information.
Application (application)
Includes information or knowledge to apply the skills they have learned to new situations.
Analysis (analysis)
Covers sorting information into parts or researching and trying to understand the structure of information.
Synthesis (synthesis)
Includes applying the knowledge and skills that already exist to combine elements into a pattern that was not there before.
Evaluation (evaluation)
Covering decisions or conclude based on criteria that there is usually a question using the word: consider how conclusions. (
Knowledge Measurement
According Soekidjo (2003) measurements can be done with the knowledge of the interview or questionnaire that asks about the content of the material to be measured from the research subject or the respondent.
How to Acquire Knowledge
According Soekidjo (2005) there is a way to acquire knowledge 2, namely:
Traditional or Non-Scientific Method
a. How to try one (Trial and error)
This method has been used in people before the culture perhaps even before the existence of civilization. At that time someone when addressing the issue or problem, the solution efforts done by trial and error alone.
Even now this method is still often used, especially by those who have not or do not know a certain way in solving the problems faced.
b. The way of power or authority
The authorities, both government leaders, religious figures and scientists in principle have the same mechanism in knowledge discovery. This principle is the other person receives the opinions expressed by the people have authority, without first testing or proving the truth either based on empirical facts or based on their own reasoning. This is because the person receiving the opinion considers that what is already true discovery.
Understanding Knowledge
c. Based on personal experience
This is done by repeating the experience gained in solving the problems faced in the past.
d. Through the mind
In line with the cultural development of mankind, the human way of thinking, too evolved. From here man has mempu using reasoning in acquiring knowledge. In other words, in obtaining the truth of human knowledge has used his thoughts.
Modern Scientific Method or manner
New ways or modern in acquiring knowledge in adults is more systematic, logical and scientific. This method is called the method of scientific research

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