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Understanding Constipation, Definition, Papers, Sample, Factors, Causes

Understanding Constipation - Constipation is difficult defecation hardening of the stool (feces) that caused the hormone progesterone increases, bowel shifted by the pressure of the enlarged uterus or consumption of iron. (http: // (Definition Constipation, Definition, paper, example, factors, causes)

Definition Constipation - Constipation is difficult or infrequent defecation may be due to hard or dry feces, causing irregular bowel habits, psychogenic factors, lack of activity, inadequate fluid intake and bowel abnormalities. (Paath, E.F. 2004)

Factors That Cause Constipation.
Hormonal changes that cause decreased muscle tone that will inhibit peristatik bowel movements. If this occurs in pregnant women who have difficulty defecating. (Paath, E.F. 2004)
Physiologically, dehydration, low-fiber diet.
Psikologenik behavior or bad habits (ignoring the urge to defecate) and limp. (
Hormonal namely a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles throughout the body. Slower stomach and small intestine become more relaxed so that the reduced intestinal contraction movement and frequent constipation. (http: //
Tablet iron (iron) provided by doctors Fe tablet usually causes the color of stool (feces) black.
Lifestyle. Lifestyle with a diet low in fiber such as found in vegetables, fruits and grains and high-fat such as in cheese, butter, eggs and meat ( 2006).
An increase in the hormone progesterone, which slows the digestive process that makes the condition tend to be harder stool and more difficult to get out. (http: //
Less drinking.
Lack of exercise.
Bowel habits are bad. (
Enlarged uterus pressing the colon and rectum so disturbing excretion. (Arisman. 2004).
Increased relaxation of the muscles of the digestive tract due to the increase of certain hormones during pregnancy so that the system pembuagan leftovers to be slow. (Eisenberg, A. 1996)

The characteristics of patients with constipation
Defekasinya felt to be difficult and painful.
Hard feces.
Straining at defecation.
Uncomfortable .
Defecation only three times or less than a week.
Bloated. (Sherry, j. 2000).
I am not feeling well.
Lower back pain.
Blackish stool color.
Stomach nausea.
Taste in the mouth.
Tongue dry.
Decreased appetite. (

Normal bowel movement is 3 times a day to 3 days. Said to be constipated when bowel movement fewer than three times per week or more than 3 days no bowel movement should push excessively. ( Constipation usually occurs in pregnant women second and third trimester. (Piego, J.H. 2004)

Food into the colon, the colon absorbs water and forms a waste material leftover food or feces. Colonic muscle contraction this will push the stool toward the rectum. Once reaching the rectum, the stool will be solid because most of the water will be absorbed. Hard stools and constipation occurs due to dry on the colon absorbs too much water. This happens because the muscle contractions of the colon too perlahah-land and lazy sehigga causing the stool to move towards the colon for too long. ( WINARSIH.2006). Another cause due to hormonal changes that cause decreased muscle tone that will inhibit peristatik bowel movements. Then pregnant women will have difficulty defecating. (Paath, E.F. 2004)

Constipation commonly occurs because of abnormalities in the colon or in transit in the anorectal function as a result of motility disorders, primary, use of certain drugs or associated with a large number of systemic diseases that affect the gastrointestinal tract. Constipation can arise from a defect filling and emptying the rectum. Charging rectum imperfect occur when colonic peristaltic ineffective (eg when there is a large obstruction caused by the disease hirsehprung). Constipation tends to settle with sendirinya.Tinja large and hard in the rectum become difficult and even painful if issued, so it is more common retention and formed a vicious circle. Distention of the rectum and colon reducing the defecation reflex sensitivity and effectiveness and the effectiveness of the peristaltic reflex defecation. Finally the liquid from the proximal colon can percolate around the kidney harsh and out of the rectum unnoticed. (

Constipation due.

In a person who experience constipation, as a result of the absorption of fluid continues, then the stool will become more dense and hard and dense mengeras.Tinja lead to increasingly difficult defecation that will cause hemorhoid. (http: // /.1.1/WINARSIH2006).

Understanding Constipation

Treatment and Prevention of Constipation.
Avoid refined foods that can cause constipation. (Eisenberg, A.1996).
Consumption of foods high in fiber which is very useful to soften the stool so as to facilitate elimination (elimination of wastes of the body).
Avoid too often consume meat.
Drink at least eight glasses of fluid sehar (Piego, JH 2004)
Avoid using laxatives unless it is recommended by doctors.
Get used to a regular bowel movement every day, for example, each morning. Warm drinks in the morning after waking up can stimulate bowel movements.
Wait until the urge to defecate appears to go to the toilet, do not rush and do not delay the urge to defecate appears to go to the toilet.
The use of laxatives is done by medical personnel to note if the alternative ways to no avail. http: //
Perform regular light exercise such as running (jogging).
Consult your medicine if you are still difficult defecation (http: //
Get enough rest (Piego, J.H. 2004)
Swimming several times a week to help stimulate the body's systems.
Eat a balanced diet with lots of bread, wheat, fruits and vegetables. (Sherry, 2000)
Eating fruit skins such as apples and pears. (Hunter, H. 2005).

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